Debora Guma

Chief Digital Officer
Carrefour Italy

Debora Guma is the Chief Information Officer in Carrefour Italy, the second most large retailer in the world based in more than 30 countries and having in Italy more than 1.000 stores belonging to different sales formats. She spent 8 years of her carrer in prestigious consultancy companies and she spent 7 years in SkyTv Italy leading the CTO position. 

After 13 years in Carrefour, she is also a retail expert so that since 2014 she is part of the International Reasearch Institute Advisor Board having the goal to setup contents and strategy of the yearly Retail Forum in Milano. Also, she is part or several juries in charge of assigning the most relevant Digital Awards in the Italian market. Since 2015, she started the Omnichannel Digital Transformation of Carrefour Italy designing the Company Digital Roadmap and putting in place together with her team the most innovative solutions in the Italian market. Behind all this work and some brilliant and innovative solutions for the whole Carrefour Italy application map, there is a great passion for her work and a continous effort in studying an update her knowledge and ispiration.